Module "GeekBanner" for Joomla

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The "GeekBanner" module for Joomla allows you to display a series of images. The transitions between these images are crossfades. Concerning "backoffice", it is possible to add, edit, delete, resize and crop images.


Module language : English
Joomla Compatibility : 1.6, 1.7 et 2.5 joomla 2.5 et 3.x joomla 3.0
Tested on : Firefox 20.0, Chrome 26.0, IE6, IE7, IE8



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Installing the module is as follows:
Go to "Extensions" and then "Manage Extensions" in the "Archive to transfer" made "Browse" and "Upload & Install" ...

module geekbanner installer extension archive

Create a new banner

Go to "Extensions" and "Management modules" and then choose "New."
By default a "GeekBanner" module is already created in the list. Do not forget to activate it.

Settings / Options

You can set the duration of the fade effect and the frequency of transitions.
The second part (in Flash) allows to administer the images.

advanced options joomla 2.5

advanced options joomla 3.x

Cropping and resizing functions are available when you click on an image.
crop resize functions