Component "Xml Media Manager" for Joomla

xml media editor joomla component
The "Xml Media Manager" component for Joomla allows to edit XML files from the Joomla interface. Thanks to this component you can administer any module based on an XML file. Perfect for photo galleries, you can easily upload images, resize and crop them.


Component language: English
Joomla compatibilities : 1.6, 1.7 et 2.5 joomla 2.5 et 3.x joomla 3.0

Access to the component

Access the component through Joomla main menu. In "Components" click "XML Media Manager".
menu joomla component

You will see an empty array and informations about your server limits.
The GD library is required for image processing.
server limits

Create a new configuration file XML edition

To create a new configuration, click on the "New" button at the top right.
new xml configuration button

The form to create a "new configuration" appear:
form to create a new configuration
These fields can be updated later.
All paths must be absolute ! (beginning with http://)
The first "XML Path" field to point the XML file that you want to administer.
The second "Images Path" field to specify in which directory the images will be uploaded.
(Make sure that you have the writing rights for "XML Path" and "Image Path" fields)
The third "Site Path" field is the directory from which the relative path of the image written in the XML file will be calculated. If not specified, the absolute path to the image will be written to the XML file.
The last 2 fields are the default dimensions of the cropping area in the image editing interface.

Click on the "Save and close" button at the top right when you are finished.

Edit a "XML configuration"

On the main page of the component, each row in the table corresponds to an XML file. Click on the link to administer it.edit a xml file configuration
To use this feature you must register on this site. The first time, you will need to log in. The component treats that you registered it not will you re-request more identifiable.

Resizing and cropping of images

By clicking on an image you will have access to the interface of cropping and resizing of images. You can also make the image rotation. When satisfied click the "Save" button, the uploaded image will be overwritten!
Resizing and cropping Interface

Save the XML file

Click on the "Save XML" button at the top right of the Flash module to permanently save your changes in re-crushing the XML target file!
save XML file