Flash Player 10 (or higher) (enables the management of large images)

PHP Version: PHP 4 >= 4.3.2, PHP 5
GD library must be enabled. (It allows reframing and resizing functions...)

1. Get it

  • Download
  • Unzip

2. Configuration

Edit the index.html file and set "flashvars" :

Les URLs

You must define four paths, all must be absolute, that is very important :

  • The "path_xml" is the path where the XML file to edit is.
  • The "path_upload" is where all media will be uploaded.
  • The "path_site" is the location where your SWF (full-flash website for example) that calls the XML file. Relative URLs included in the generated XML file will be written relative to this "Path".

The default dimensions for image cropping/resizing functions

You must define two "flashvars": the default width and the default height. When you are in the application, the interface allows you to enter other values for the dimensions of the new image generated:

  • "default_crop_image_width" is the default width of the image which will be generated.
  • "default_crop_image_height" is the default height of the image which will be generated.



3. Transfert

Transfer via FTP to the location you have set in the flashvars "path_root."

4. Rights

Last step, in order to crush the XML file specified by the "flashvars" "path_xml", you must give write permission.
To upload media in the directory specified by the "flashvars" "path_upload", you must also give write permission to the directory.