Presentation of a XML Online Editor

Perfect to manage a "Full-Flash" website or any Flash "slideshow" based on a XML file !
"XML Manager" is a online xml editor ! It provides upload, crop and resize functions for pictures. That is really useful to manage "galleries" or "slideshows" online...
"XML Manager" works with Flash and PHP. Install it on your server and edit the index.html file to administer an online XML file as a CMS (Content Management System).

If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us!

Main Functions

login password

Secure access

Access to the module is protected by a "login / password" system. This is unique and must be defined by registering on this site.

xml arborescence accordeon systeme

Simplified administration

Don't worry about closing XML tag. Accordion system allows you to easily find your data.

xml structure arborescence w3c


All possible XML structures are supported. Your existing XML file can be managed. The new XML file generated will respect W3C standards.

images management

Advanced images

Images can be viewed at their real size. Cropping and resizing functions are provided.PNG files and transparency are supported.

attributes and nodes

Attributes management

Attributes are handled in the same way as nodes. They can also point to images. In case of duplication, the attribute name will be automatically renamed.

fullscreen function

"Full-screen" Mode

"Full-screen" function allows greater navigation comfort.

Automatically rename files

All accented characters are converted to their equivalent without an accent.
Spaces become "underscores".
Special characters (comme µ^¨£$¤%§!) will be ignored.
The uppercase characters are converted to lowercase.

Example :
A file named : Copy of '-Š-moi_à_istàn#bul-è-é-ça(²2é~`@]}=µ^¨£$¤%§!test.jpg
will be renamed like that : copy_of_-s-moi_a_istanbul-e-e-ca2etest.jpg